Heading Out for Egg Day

I'm leaving Jersey tomorrow for Egg Day aka Easter and am looking forward to some major dyed hard-boiled eggs {purple is my fav}, some Polish food for breakfast on Sunday, and maybe if I'm lucky a basket waiting for me. Spring has been so ssslllooowww moving this year... can't wait to get out of my rain boots and change back into the heels. These cute feet can't be held back forever after all. Today I'm featuring my favorite 'Lady Lucas' Easter card paying homage to the Easter Bunny. I dated EB briefly years ago and found him a bit sarcastic... so I thought this greeting would be a fitting representation of him ;) Cards available in my etsy store... custom orders always welcome! Have a good weekend and until next week... Love & Liverwurst, LL


Hi People!!

Hi! I'm Lady Lucas and I'm from Jersey City, a quaint little community a stone's throw away from the big island with overpriced bistro food and way too many woman who can't rock stilettos the way I can, aka, Manhattan. Well, let's see... what might you want to know... well, I just starred in my first promo video for 'Lady Lucas':
I look thinner in the video don't I... that was my favorite part. Anyway, thanks for stopping by and come back soon for news about my business, personal life, and little snippets of bat wisdom. Love & Lemonade, LL