Veggie Mania

Dear All, I am super happy to announce the publication of Ashley's second coloring book, "I Love Vegetarian Food", published by Sunbury press this month. It is a super cute coloring book filled with over 40 pages of non-meat options. From French onion soup, to laughing tofu, to lemon sorbet, you won't want to put this book away!  Great for all ages and now available on Amazon.  Don't forget to 'Like' it if you can!! I'm not the biggest veggie eater in the world, but the smiling carrots and peas make me want to be!! Love & Lemon Butter, LL


Character Craft : Cute Clementines

These clementines light up holiday decor with cheer!

To make a cute clementine:

step one Choose a fresh clementine with firm skin.
step two  Select about 40 - 50 cloves with sharp points.
step three Pierce the skin of your clementine with the
cloves... experiment with different patterns &
a smily face is always good!

Enjoy with your family and friends...
Love & Lemon Spice, LL


PDF's as Gifts? Yes!

Coloring Pages $3 for 6
Since I started selling PDF's in my etsy store I've had the occasional, "Why would someone buy a file?", and "How would I use that?".  So, today I'm here to answer that for you and tell you about the newest edition to my etsy store.  PDF's are awesome gifts because they are instant, {no shipping & no handling}, and they may be reproduced for personal use as many times as the buyer would like. Therefore, if you're looking for a super cool gift for all the neighborhood kids, or an extra present for that tiny tot in your life, look no further than the new collection of holiday animal coloring pages.  All you need is a printer and maybe some pretty ribbon for wrapping! Love & Little Peppermints, LL  


Holiday Cards You Can't Find Anywhere Else...

Dear Gals & Guys, 'Tis the season! Right now Lady Lucas cards are on sale to celebrate the season, {and because quantity orders make sense when sending a variety of greetings}! Now until the end of the month the following discounts apply when you order your holiday cards through Ashley. Here's the link to all available images. Love and Little Gingerbread Men, LL

Lady Lucas Holiday Card Sale! 
6 Pack = $9
12 Pack = $15
24 Pack = $24


Free Coloring Page

Dear Readers, As a little thank you I'm offering an adorable coloring page as a free download via Google Docs.  Feel free to print it as many times as you'd like... and don't forget to forward the link to friends. As of today, you can see the colored in version of 'Penguin & Pie' along with a whole slew of awesome animals in the windows of Hudson Co. Art Supply in Jersey City! I may just fly over a little later today to check it out... Love & Peppermint Lollipops, LL


Creatures & Critters

Creatures & Critters will look super cute on the wall of your child's room. $20 per character and gift certificates available... I recommend a bat or two, but lady bugs and owls are also quite popular ;)  Love & Lemon Tea, LL


Adopt An Owl This Sunday!

Dear All, This Sunday, I will be at the Hoboken Studio Arts Tour selling cards and gifts which will charm and entertain. Come on out for a special 'Adoption Day' where you can purchase limited edition owls, bats and pumpkins all for an amazing $10 each! Cards will be on sale for $3 each or 4 for $10. Great prices and great fun at this special Jersey City etsy team event!! So come fly on out to Hoboken for a day of handmade love! Love & Lemongrass, LL


Character Craft : Napkin Ghosties

step one: lay one napkin flat, and
roll the other in a ball in the center.

step two: wrap the flat napkin over and
around the crumpled one to form a ghost.  tie
with a cord tightly.

step three & four: add a face using permanent
marker.  clip a safety pin on top so the ghost
can hang on something!

step five: hang the ghost from a white or black
thin cord and watch him float into your
heart! ;)

Dear All,  From now on I'll be adding some crafts on the blog to whet your appetite for more Lady Lucas goodness.  Please comment below to tell me what you think!!  Love & Little Pumpkins, LL


The Book Tour Continues...

Dear Halloween Lovers...  The 'Boo, Bat & Pumpkin' Book Tour continues this month on October 15+16 at the Digable Arts Festival in Hoboken.  The book itself will not be on sale, but all artwork is inspired by the lovely tale.  Then, on October 25th catch me at the Lana Santorelli Gallery in Hoboken at 3:30pm for a book reading.  And yes, the book should be there all ready to get signed an take home!!  I hope you are all ready for the best holiday of the year coming up in only two weeks!  It is certainly like Christmas for a bat like me.  Love & Leafy Greens, LL


Limited Editions on Etsy

Dear Guys & Gals,  In my quest to keep reinventing my etsy store until I find a theme that is quite awesome, I have decided to go with the theme of 'limited edition artwork'.  The Lady Lucas etsy store will now offer a chance for collectors to purchase items, all designed with the classic kawaii style in mind, that are offered within limited edition batches.  Each carefully crafted piece of art comes with a certificate of authenticity and is packaged carefully for its safe arrival to your home!  Check out all the artwork for sale here.  Love & Liver Cheese, LL


Get Your Halloween Cards Here!!

Dear Bat Lovers,  I'm happy to announce some super cute cards in the Lady Lucas Card Gnome store that you're going to love.  Some are based on the book, "Boo, Bat & Pumpkin Throw a Party", while others are  just plain cute.  You can visit the store to purchase them or email ashley@ladylucas.com for small orders.  So excited to be getting ready for the Halloween season!  October 1st is just around the corner... get those decorations up!  Love & Little Candy Corns, LL


Collectible Calling Cards

Dearest Guys & Gals, I've decided to do something totally different concerning your average business card.  The new Lady Lucas/Ashley Lucas business card, is actually a 'calling card' with original art on the front. That's right folks, free original art that would look great on your desk, framed in the kitchen, or hung on the fridge. All you have to do... is find the calling cards. Most will be distributed within cafes and coffee shops.*Hint* For all you JCer's... there's a fresh stack at Dames Cafe on Jersey Ave.

Love & Lollipop Drops, LL


I Love NY Food... for Sale in NYC!

Hey Everyone,

I posted this in the LL newsletter yesterday... but I'm super giddy about the I Love NY Food coloring book being represented at Chelsea Market Baskets within Chelsea Market!!  It's a great store with super seasonal items, and NYC gifts.  My coloring book is now among them for those that would prefer not to buy online and pick it up right away!!

So, fly right on over the High Line to get your copy today!!

Love & Lemon Sugar, LL


I Love NY Food is Published!

Dear All,  The first coloring book created under the strict supervision of Lady Lucas ;) is now published by Sunbury Press and available online! I Love NY Food offers coloring book fanatics over 40 pages of pizza, bagels, deli sandwiches, cupcakes, soups, salads, sushi and so much more!! If you love food... if you love New York City... and if you love cute stuff.... then this book is for you!  Check out Amazon and Sunbury's websites for more! Love & Leek Soup, LL


Another Blog?? - You Bet!

Dear Fabulous Readers,  Lady Lucas creator Ashley Lucas is starting yet another blog to document her experience as a self employed artist!  Named 'Cupcakes + Owls' after two of her favorite subjects to draw, this blog will reveal a deeper side of the business of art and will document the growth of the Lady Lucas brand.This blog, Lady Lucas Speaks Her Mind, will remain linked to LadyLucas.Com and will now feature nifty small businesses, artists, and other Lady Lucas news.  So visit Cupcakes + Owls today and don't forget to click 'follow'! ;) Love & Lavender, Lemon Martinis, LL


Introducing... Digital Stamps

Dear All,

Please visit the Lady Lucas etsy store this week to discover the newest product offering... digital stamps.  Digital stamps are files that may be downloaded and printed on scrapbooking materials, stationery, gift items, and even for commercial endeavors. They pretty much work on just about any DIY project ;)

I've personally approved all these cute and groovy designs and have made sure they will fit perfectly into your crafting repertoire.  And the best part... they are super affordable and there's no shipping fees!!

Love & Licorice Drops, LL


Summer Blog Tour - Trouble in the Trees

Dear All!  I once again have the pleasure of introducing you to a book by a fellow Indie Debut member!!  'Trouble in the Trees', by Yolanda Ridge is the newest addition to the Lady Lucas Summer Blog Tour.  Here is a synopsis of the story: 
Bree is happiest when she’s climbing the trees at Cedar Grove, her urban townhouse complex. She’s the best climber around, but when one of her younger friends falls  from a tree and hurts himself, the Neighborhood Council bans all tree climbing in Cedar Grove. If Bree chooses to ignore the bylaw, her family could be kicked out of their home.  But what can one girl do?  She knows  it’s not a battle she can win on her own, but rallying the Cedar Grove troops is more dif´Čücult than she imagined.  You may visit Yolanda's website here and buy her awesome book via: Amazon  Chapters  Barnes & Noble  Love & Lentils, LL 


Summer Blog Tour - Carla's Cloud Catastrophe

Dear All,  I have the pleasure of currently being part of a group of talented authors signed by indie publishers called, "Indie Debut". {Well actually... it's Ashley's who is part of the group ;)}  This book tour post features a fellow member named Beth Reinke.  

Beth's book, Carla's Cloud Catastrophe, is illustrated by Ginger Nielson  and published by 4RV publishing.  When a weather disaster shuts down the town and threatens to ruin Carla's birthday party, someone must save the day. A tall tale about the day the clouds fell. Ages 4-8. You can purchase Beth's awesome book by clicking this link

Beth and Gingers websites can be found here:

Hope you enjoyed reading about this neat, new book!  
Love & Lettuce Heads, LL


Summer Blog Tour - Boo, Bat & Pumpkin Throw a Party

Hey Everyone!  I'd like to welcome you to the Lady Lucas summer blog tour!  We're starting off this week with a little story you all know well.  'Boo, Bat & Pumpkin Throw a Party' is the story of three charming outcasts who hope to earn the respect of the 'popular' kids at school by throwing a super cool Halloween party.  The story stars my cousin Bat, and offers super illustrations, a few laughs, and even some suspense along the way.  After being self published by author Ashley Lucas in 2010, the book is now proudly offered by Sunbury Press.  Happily... the price of book is now more affordable, and the quality of this paperback even more spiffy thanks some awesome magic by Sunbury!  Check it out on Amazon or on the website of Sunbury Press today!  Love & Liver Cheese, LL


Hester Street Fair this Saturday!!

Dear All,  I'll be flying over to Manhattan this weekend for the Hester Street Fair on Saturday from 10am - 6pm.    The Lady Lucas stand will be offering awesome affordable products to the masses such as: 

  • $4 Greeting Cards
  • $5 Coloring Books
  • $5 Bracelets
  • $10 Copies of 'Boo, Bat & Pumpkin Throw a Party'
  • $10 Limited Edition Prints {NEW!}
  • $10 Hand Colored Prints
  • $15 Original Art Trading Cards
  • and don't forget our signature Junk Food Elves for $5 too!
There's lots of other great vendors, food and atmosphere, so come on out and visit the purple bat with red shoes!  Love & Lipton Tea, LL


Dear Mom

Hey Everyone.  

That special day is upon us tomorrow... Mother's Day!! Here are some cute ideas you can think about to make mom's day extra great~

  • Make her a card!  Of course I've love it if the world only sent Lady Lucas greetings, but the best Mother's Day card is one you make yourself.  Place a flower seed packet inside or poke a decorative pin to the front of the card to make it extra special.
  • Gift her an 'artful' gift.   A decorative frame, bracelet made out of buttons found around the home, or even a 'memory corkboard' to hang in the kitchen are good ideas.
  • Looking for very last minute gift?  Make a donation in her name.  My choice would be ASPCA!  I don't think many moms are interested in the Bat Society of America, etc. ;)
At the very least, just give her a ring or write an email telling her why she's so special to you!  Love & Ladybug Chocolates, LL


The Wild West of Brooklyn

Yesterday I decided to give flying a rest for a few hours, and got a ride on the IKEA shuttle to Red Hook, Brooklyn in order to check out a neighborhood I had never explored before.  After stuffing a few meatballs down with sugary juice in the cafeteria, I left IKEA to explore, what first appeared to be a crazy industrial sea town with abandoned houses and lots.  Finally, I happened upon a quaint little street with some great stores and cafes... and one in particular that really rocked my world.  No bat merchandise, but other incredibly cute stuff.  It's called Foxy & Winston.  Red Hook proved to a be a town I can't quite describe, other than to say- check it out yourself and don't be surprised if you find a few unexpected treasures like the suburban style plant nursery, and amazing waterfront views. Love & Lingonberry Juice, LL


Film Biz Recycle Prop Shop

Hey All!  I've been spreading the word this week about this awesome place I visited in Park Slope last weekend. Film Biz Recycle Prop Shop is located in Brooklyn off the Union Stop on the R train and is super easy to get to... You enter through this impressive looking gate, walk all the way through this old, warehouse looking building... and then finally arrive at a huge room of antiques, clothes, furniture and other rare finds.  Super cool place for artists, as all the items are reasonably priced.  I purchased this cute antique yawning dog, and they threw the moss in for free!!  Awesomeness!  Love & Liquor Chocolate Candies, LL


New Blog Header...

Dear All,  Lady Lucas Speaks Her Mind now has a new template, groovy background, and sweet blog header.  Ashley whipped up some sculptures this week that represent her kawaii characters, and thought this would be a good way to showcase them. I'm one happy bat, because the weather is finally going to change, and that means my usual midnight flights to Manhattan and back.  {Bats love summer after all...}.  Enjoy spring!!  Love & Liver Pie, LL


Thinking of Japan

Dear All,  As you know, Lady Lucas designs are clearly influenced by the artwork and characters of Japan. Our kawaii styles are directly inspired by the many adorable characters and artwork derived from talented Japanese artists.  Ashley's pet fish is even named Tokio! {German spelling.. } One can't help but think of this country constantly on a daily basis and hope for the best during this amazingly difficult time.  Here is a good resource article about how to help out.  Lady Lucas would be happy to donate artwork to any event happening in the NY area to benefit this cause.  Just send an email or post a comment ;)  Love & Lychee Ice Cream, LL


Seeking an Artist Co-op to Join...

Hey Lovely People,

I posted this on craigslist the other day hoping to get some leads... I'll post it again here on my blog.

Professional artist seeking a space in NYC or Brooklyn to share with other serious art and craft professionals. Looking to sell my stationary, art prints and gift items in an area with lots of foot traffic. Can spend $300 to $400 per month. Would be happy to share my website and products with you upon correspondence... Thank you for your time!

Just thought I'd try it here too!!

Love and Liver Chops,


Lady Lucas Marketplace

Dear Ladies and Gents... I have written about this a few places here and there online... but if you are a small business owner who desires some more traffic to your site, think about joining the Lady Lucas Marketplace! All you need to do is put the link www.ladylucas.com somewhere on your website, blog or fan page and in return, your business will be featured with a groovy image and description of your choosing. A super easy way to get more people involved with your biz or service! Email Ashley at ashley.lucas.art@gmail.com if you're interested ;) Love and Lemon Tapioca, LL {Featured pic is from Maggie Mowery!}


14 Days of Lady Lucas Love!!

Hey All! I thought it would be a cute idea to share with you one valentine design, video or print, every single day leading up to Valentine's starting February 1st. To view these cute designs, simply check out my Facebook Page which can be found here {and become a fan if you haven't already!} I'm excited for the holiday of love this year, even amidst all the snow and cold. Hmmm... Still deciding on the card to send my secret admirer... Love and Lavender Candies, LL


Lady Lucas TV

Hey Everybody! After finally figuring out you can actually create a 'channel' on YouTube, I am super excited to present Lady Lucas TV. There's only two videos on there at the moment, but expect some super cool 'behind the scenes' tidbits in the near future. I would also like to incorporate some short films and awesome how to's. Well, somebody's gonna make use of this annoyingly long winter hibernation season *sigh* {can't wait for those summer nights again!} Love & Limes, LL


Artist Trading Cards are Cool

Hey Everyone! Just wanted to share a cool little fad I've been coming across lately. Artist Trading Cards are becoming an awesome way for artists to sell very affordable prints and originals of their works, trade their works, etc. I really dig the concept and wanted to share that there will be some original ATC's posted in my Lady Lucas etsy store this month for all to enjoy. Expect the subject matter to be cute, fun, and something you might not want to trade so easily ;) Hope you're enjoying the winter weather at home, and not stuck in the snow somewhere... Love and Lemon Lollipops, LL


New Year News!

Dear friends and followers, LL here with an update. LadyLucas.Com is all decked out for the new year with a cute new homepage, and update press and about pages. Check it out here! I also hope to really expand the biz this year with an online store and even more goodies to pick from! I had a relaxing and happy holiday and I hope you did too;) I got to see something that totally blew my mind this week while visiting the fam in Pennsylvania. The Brandywine Museum in Pa offers something called 'Brandywine Critters' around the holidays that are adorable critters {just like myself}, made out of natural items such as dried pods and flowers. {Yes people, they even have bat critters for sale in their gift shop}. The creativity of these critters is amazing and not to be missed!! You can buy a book about them on Amazon or visit a link to the museum here. Just had to throw that in, since it was SO COOL!! Have a most wonderful, happy, and successful new year. Love & Lentil Soup, LL *Picture credit Brandywine Museum website.