14 Days of Lady Lucas Love!!

Hey All! I thought it would be a cute idea to share with you one valentine design, video or print, every single day leading up to Valentine's starting February 1st. To view these cute designs, simply check out my Facebook Page which can be found here {and become a fan if you haven't already!} I'm excited for the holiday of love this year, even amidst all the snow and cold. Hmmm... Still deciding on the card to send my secret admirer... Love and Lavender Candies, LL


Lady Lucas TV

Hey Everybody! After finally figuring out you can actually create a 'channel' on YouTube, I am super excited to present Lady Lucas TV. There's only two videos on there at the moment, but expect some super cool 'behind the scenes' tidbits in the near future. I would also like to incorporate some short films and awesome how to's. Well, somebody's gonna make use of this annoyingly long winter hibernation season *sigh* {can't wait for those summer nights again!} Love & Limes, LL


Artist Trading Cards are Cool

Hey Everyone! Just wanted to share a cool little fad I've been coming across lately. Artist Trading Cards are becoming an awesome way for artists to sell very affordable prints and originals of their works, trade their works, etc. I really dig the concept and wanted to share that there will be some original ATC's posted in my Lady Lucas etsy store this month for all to enjoy. Expect the subject matter to be cute, fun, and something you might not want to trade so easily ;) Hope you're enjoying the winter weather at home, and not stuck in the snow somewhere... Love and Lemon Lollipops, LL


New Year News!

Dear friends and followers, LL here with an update. LadyLucas.Com is all decked out for the new year with a cute new homepage, and update press and about pages. Check it out here! I also hope to really expand the biz this year with an online store and even more goodies to pick from! I had a relaxing and happy holiday and I hope you did too;) I got to see something that totally blew my mind this week while visiting the fam in Pennsylvania. The Brandywine Museum in Pa offers something called 'Brandywine Critters' around the holidays that are adorable critters {just like myself}, made out of natural items such as dried pods and flowers. {Yes people, they even have bat critters for sale in their gift shop}. The creativity of these critters is amazing and not to be missed!! You can buy a book about them on Amazon or visit a link to the museum here. Just had to throw that in, since it was SO COOL!! Have a most wonderful, happy, and successful new year. Love & Lentil Soup, LL *Picture credit Brandywine Museum website.