Last Minute Holiday Gifts!

Dear All, If you're in Jersey City tomorrow you'll get a chance to visit moi at my stand. Just follow this link for all the details! Spectacular cards for $4, coloring books and activity books for the kiddies, and artwork all $20 and under {featured mini hedgehog print on the right only $10}!! Should be a great group of vendors with lots of cool items for sale. Even heard it could snow during the day which would make things extra christmas-y and great!! Continue having a spiffy holiday season. Love and Licorice Drops, LL


Gettin' Crafty with Old Cards!

The holiday season is here! Yippee!! I got to thinking of a few cool things you can do with those old cards in the attic.
  • Buy some little 4X6 frames from the dollar store and stick some of your favorite photographic greetings in them as decoration in your kitchen or hallway this year.
  • Cut old cards with pattern designs into squares and use them as gift tags for the presents you give.
  • If you have access to a laminator at work... cut them into strips and make bookmarks as stocking stuffers {or circles for coasters}.
  • Make a unique presentation by mounting the cards in a grid pattern within that annoying blank wall space in your home office or cubicle at work.
Have fun getting crafty!
Love & Cinnamon Lattes, LL