Character Craft : Napkin Ghosties

step one: lay one napkin flat, and
roll the other in a ball in the center.

step two: wrap the flat napkin over and
around the crumpled one to form a ghost.  tie
with a cord tightly.

step three & four: add a face using permanent
marker.  clip a safety pin on top so the ghost
can hang on something!

step five: hang the ghost from a white or black
thin cord and watch him float into your
heart! ;)

Dear All,  From now on I'll be adding some crafts on the blog to whet your appetite for more Lady Lucas goodness.  Please comment below to tell me what you think!!  Love & Little Pumpkins, LL


The Book Tour Continues...

Dear Halloween Lovers...  The 'Boo, Bat & Pumpkin' Book Tour continues this month on October 15+16 at the Digable Arts Festival in Hoboken.  The book itself will not be on sale, but all artwork is inspired by the lovely tale.  Then, on October 25th catch me at the Lana Santorelli Gallery in Hoboken at 3:30pm for a book reading.  And yes, the book should be there all ready to get signed an take home!!  I hope you are all ready for the best holiday of the year coming up in only two weeks!  It is certainly like Christmas for a bat like me.  Love & Leafy Greens, LL


Limited Editions on Etsy

Dear Guys & Gals,  In my quest to keep reinventing my etsy store until I find a theme that is quite awesome, I have decided to go with the theme of 'limited edition artwork'.  The Lady Lucas etsy store will now offer a chance for collectors to purchase items, all designed with the classic kawaii style in mind, that are offered within limited edition batches.  Each carefully crafted piece of art comes with a certificate of authenticity and is packaged carefully for its safe arrival to your home!  Check out all the artwork for sale here.  Love & Liver Cheese, LL