Last Minute Holiday Gifts!

Dear All, If you're in Jersey City tomorrow you'll get a chance to visit moi at my stand. Just follow this link for all the details! Spectacular cards for $4, coloring books and activity books for the kiddies, and artwork all $20 and under {featured mini hedgehog print on the right only $10}!! Should be a great group of vendors with lots of cool items for sale. Even heard it could snow during the day which would make things extra christmas-y and great!! Continue having a spiffy holiday season. Love and Licorice Drops, LL


Gettin' Crafty with Old Cards!

The holiday season is here! Yippee!! I got to thinking of a few cool things you can do with those old cards in the attic.
  • Buy some little 4X6 frames from the dollar store and stick some of your favorite photographic greetings in them as decoration in your kitchen or hallway this year.
  • Cut old cards with pattern designs into squares and use them as gift tags for the presents you give.
  • If you have access to a laminator at work... cut them into strips and make bookmarks as stocking stuffers {or circles for coasters}.
  • Make a unique presentation by mounting the cards in a grid pattern within that annoying blank wall space in your home office or cubicle at work.
Have fun getting crafty!
Love & Cinnamon Lattes, LL


I've Got a Website Now... Yea!!

Hi gals and guys! Thanks for all the support concerning my cousin Bat's book this month. The book signing was a success and there's been lots of interest in the story- I'm happy to report. In other news, I have finally published my very own website to the world wide web. Please visit it here whenever you get a chance: www.ladylucas.com. Finally, a place for all my characters to meet and be happy in one place! This new website is a great way to find out about all new Lady Lucas products, events, news and press. Drop me a line with any suggestions or comments. Love & Lobster Tails, LL


The Book is HERE!!!

Ok, so I'm just a little excited about my cousin Bat's book officially being self published online. Bat worked really hard on this project and I'm very proud of him! The book is kind of focused towards early elementary age, but personally I think it's cool enough for adults too. Who doesn't love Halloween, awesome party food, a little drama and pet spiders! Become a fan of Bat and his crew here. Buy the book here. You can read more about the book opening in Jersey City on BBP's fan page... and of course I'll be there too cheering my little cousin on. Have a wonderful fall everybody! Love & Little Pumpkin Pies, LL


Bat stars in his first book...

My dear cousin 'Bat' will be starring in his first book this fall called 'Boo, Bat & Pumpkin Throw a Party'. The book will be self published under the Lady Lucas label and will be available for purchase beginning in October. Much more information on this to follow as I am deeply involved with the production of this project. Bat, a free spirited magician, will wow audiences with his cute face and silly schemes. His little friends Boo and Pumpkin aren't too bad either ;) You can follow the trio on facebook and watch for new BBP products in my zazzle and etsy store as well. Love and Lemon Tea, LL


Berries & Bucolic Views...

I got a chance to visit the countryside of Lancaster, PA this weekend and chat with my dear cousin 'Bat' who lives out in the country with all the cows, corn and Amish stuff.. {More on 'Bat' and his new book deal in my next post...} During my visit I experienced some stellar strawberries, farm baked pastries, and great veggies. I even got inspired by all the great folk out around. I was playing with the idea that the Lady Lucas brand should come up with some folk- primitive dolls this fall. The kind with the little stick legs, and oversized faces that look both cute and halloweenish at the same time. I will keep you all posted on that after I motivate Ashley to start a few this month. Now as we approach the end of summer I'm glad I got this chance to appreciate nature and the simpler life of the country. Sometimes we can all use a break from the sweat and very interesting smells of summer in the city ;) Love and Lancaster Whoopie Pies, LL


Welcoming August

Overall, this summer has been a pretty good one for me. Here's a few reasons why:
1)Iced Coffee {except when the ice melts 10 minutes after its purchase... which is highly annoying}
2)Dragonflies {they have appeared in mass throughout the east coast this summer... they're pretty, add class to NY city gardens, and provide a tasty treat for my larger relatives}
3)Summer Nights {the days have been unbearable so every night is a welcome thrill. night's my active time anyway THANK GOD!}
4)Recession Specials {deals are everywhere. pounce on them people and boost the economy!}
5)Pop Music {after years of listening to nothing but rock music oozing with heavy hidden meanings, my tiny ipod shuffle has been uploaded with nothing but fabulous, vibing, mindless pop... and i'm loving it! Intellectual cynics come give it a try!}
Go out there an enjoy the last month we have! Love and Low Fat Yogurt, LL


'Bat Bangles' - My Hit of the Summer

A couple of years ago, I tried selling some silly and sassy bracelets at some street fairs and the like. Unfortunately they never sold, so I resurrected them this summer two years later at Strawberry & Co. during my sample sale in June. I was pleasantly surprised that they sold out. At $5 a pop, these awesome 'bat bangles' feature beads from all over the NY bead district, as well as foreign baubles from my travels in the states and overseas. You can't beat the value and I've noticed ladies young and old have whipped them on upon purchase gleefully. Of course, they're a little large and unshapely for my wings, but I'll happily advertise them for all you humans to enjoy. A new shipment just arrived this week at Strawberry and Co. and they'll be in stock for the rest of the summer. Guilt free, one of a kind gift for any age... the 'Bat Bangle'. Love & Licorice Sticks, LL


My Etsy is Going Electronic!

Yes, you probably recognize this image from my last post. It's a pop art representation of one of my favorite owls. And now, you can buy the PDF file in my etsy store for a one time fee of $7. Imagine, downloading one image that can be printed indefinitely for friends {and for you} as framed prints, t-shirts, tote bags, and more. By the end of the summer, my etsy store will carry electronic lady lucas merchandise only. PDF files of stationery, coloring books, card template, and prints will all be available for under $10. Check it out now in my store and please give me your feedback!!! A bat can only figure out so much on her own... especially considering my limited eyesight. Love & Leek Soup, LL


The Charm of the South

I ventured down south this week to visit a cousin of mine that lives in North Carolina. She is a rather saucy bat herself and originally comes from the metropolitan area as well... so it was easy for me to fit right in {red shoes and all}. Got to meet some new friends... toads, lizards, and one particularly cute wild owl pictured here. Wish he could migrate up North. *sigh*. Anyway, expect to see some great new artwork this month. New stuff on Zazzle this week! Love & Lentil Soup, LL


A Stellar Sample Sale

Hey everyone... just had to share this with you. My products, some of them over a year old and just begging for a home before season deux of Lady Lucas begins, are majorly on sale this week at Strawberry & Co. I'm calling it my first 'sample sale' because hand colored cards celebrating all different holidays from last year are going for $2, framed awesome illustrations start at just $10, and original jewelry is available for $5. There's even some stuff for a buck. Yes, ONE BUCK! The sale started on June 11th and continues until this Saturday only. Folks in the Lancaster area, come on down and see all my goods. {well not literally people! where is your mind!} Love & Lime Basil Salad Dressing, LL


The Renegade Rules!

I had the pleasure of stopping by the Renegade Craft Fair in Brooklyn this weekend to visit my friends at 'i am dorkas'. Mari and Armando are a lovely couple who make delightfully interesting jewelry, aprons, and other never before seen goodies. Artsy gentlemen, if you're looking for a special piece of jewelry to completely woo your girl... I would recommend stopping to see what's available. I'm only a bat, but I'm just sayin'. I wish you all a creative and fruitful week. Love & Lobster Tails, LL


My First Coloring Book

Although it has been out on etsy for a few months now, the 'I Love New York Food' coloring book created by Ashley and promoted by moi, is the perfect solution to any child's birthday party or quirky hipster get-together. Available on etsy for $4, this coloring book offers pages of fun to color and design. There is a 'bagel shop' page, 'deli' and 'diner' page and even a page to decorate your own bakery cake. All you have to do is download the PDF, and then it's yours to print as many times as you need for birthday party favors, gifts or for any other personal use. Expect sushi rolls with faces, a how-to on pizza drawing, and cupcakes with attitude. Get a copy while it's hot...! Love & Lemon Squares, LL


National Stationary Show in NYC

This week the Javit's Center in NYC hosted the annual 'National Stationary Show' where all the most fabulous card and stationary companies around the United States converge in one space. It was so much fun to see all the new lines {and old lines with new stuff} as I flew around the aisles trying to get a glimpse of it all. Letterpress is a trend that's not going away anytime soon... as well as that darn zebra pattern contrasted with magenta that so many middle aged women seem to enjoy ;) Also saw many, many eco-friendly companies popping up that offer an array of great recycled products. 'Lady Lucas', as in the brand, {not me talking in third person}, will most likely not have a stand there in the future, as I'm not sure if it's the best fit for my little grassroots operation. However, it was still a blast to check out! Photo credit: NSS Website Banner @ http://www.nationalstationeryshow.com/ Love & Linguine, LL


NY Street Fair Excitement!

Today was a beautiful day to fly around in Manhattan! I have been wanting to stop into the West Village area for awhile now, and luckily ran into some of my human friends manning their stand near Christopher Street. Tom of 'T-Cat Designs' and Maruska of 'Stinky & Minky' spend a good part of their life 'street fairing' and bringing the local community beautiful kids clothing, and in Tom's case, artwork in addition to kids stuff. I especially like his paper mache animal art being offered at the great price of $30 ea. {Tom... you should make a bat one!... I'm just sayin'}. Anyway, Tom and Maruska will be appearing at the Hester Street Fair in NY so come on out and visit them. They are fabulous, creative individuals that I always enjoying seeing. Must depart now for some beauty rest before my night prowling and bug catching... Love & Lasagna, LL


Lady Lucas' own 'Tasting Table'

I've been enjoying daily newsletters from Tasting Table online. It's always interesting and fun to read. I thought I'd try to write my own little list of favorite foodie things in Jersey City for those that live here or stop by from time to time.
  • The infamous $3 mini martini at LITM. OH MY GOD they're good, and they're perfectly suited for my size as well. The closest you'll ever get to the perfect combination of cheap and classy.
  • Hot chocolate at Made with Love. It's thick and tasty. I know it's getting hot out... but I still dig it just as much.
  • Ice cream from the family owned place Torico's on Erie Street. A staggering selection of over 25 flavors of soft serve. No fly or spider ice cream yet... but I thoroughly enjoy the mint cookie flavor.
  • Polish fare from Sava's Deli on Grove Street. It's not a date place, and they only take cash, but if you don't feel like cooking on a week night please let these people do it for you and pick up a combination plate of authentic Polish food.
There you have it. JC residents... if you want to add to this feel free. Love & Life Savers, LL


About my mom...

If you ever wondered where I got the red shoe fetish from, it's because of my mother who always wanted to buy a pair, but never got a chance to. She was a real working bat, who was always flying around catching bugs for what seemed like the whole town. She sometimes thought my metropolitan tendencies were silly, and often wanted me to just live in the countryside, like the rest of the family. She visited me once, just before she passed away, and I showed her a SoHo clothing store where she took a particular liking to some red shoes. After she died, I decided to always wear red heels in honor of her. My mother and I were never that much alike, but I have to get serious for a moment and tell you without her I haven't been the same bat. So... with that little tidbit shared... tell your mom you love her this mother's day! It's really important and cool to do something thoughtful for her, {especially if she's living far away from you in a tree or in the countryside somewhere}. Love & Lady Fingers, LL


Embroidery: old, boring stuff OUT, new, cool stuff IN!

You know how when you were a kid, and you went to the arts and crafts store with your mom, and you saw all those boring embroidery patterns of baskets and butterflies sealed in plastic bags with matching thread and stuff... Well, those days are over. Using only a pencil, some off-white fabric, and embroidery floss, any artist can transform the previously monotonous embroidery scene into a totally different realm. Some of Ashley's stitched works will be on display this weekend just in time for Mother's Day. More details here: www.strawberryandco.com. Custom embroideries available for hanging or wearing. {Makes a great, affordable and original gift!} Just contact me via this blog. Love & Lemon Meringue Pie, LL


Seriously... what is 'ART' anyway?

As I get older and wiser as a cosmopolitan bat here in the New York area, I find that I know less and less about what 'ART' is. Of course I looked on Wikipedia first to assist my head scratching question, but the first thing it says is that the article is not credible. Of course it's not credible, because as I have learned over and over again, there is no definition. I suppose at a time when it's 'cool' to be an artist, there seems to be an usual number of these chosen people popping up. Readers... I would love, love, did I mention LOVE if you could comment below with your ideas on the subject. Are you annoyed by the modern art, crazy installation, weird stuff on the walls at galleries fad? Annoyed with a paperclip glued a rock that's valued at $5,000 in a NY art gallery? Or do you love that anyone and everyone has the freedom to be considered an 'artist'? I'm curious to know. Love and Limeade, LL


A Quote I Dig by Mr. Bob Dylan

I was listening to the radio yesterday, and I heard a quote from Bob Dylan. It goes as follows: 'A man is a success if he gets up in the morning and gets to bed at night, and in between he does what he wants to do'. It seems really simple, and of course I'd like Dylan to substitute 'lady' or 'bat' for 'man', but other than that the quote is seriously brilliant. How many of us get to truly do what we actually want to during the day? I'm lucky to finally be representing something I believe in and living in a fabulous city, after years of fighting of predators in the wild. I'm doing pretty much exactly what I want to be... but so many humans I know aren't. If there's something you really want to do... start doing it today, because you won't have more money or time tomorrow. Stop delaying your dreams and constantly replacing them with excuses. Just felt like sharing this with you all, because I think it's pretty darn important. Love & Lychee Martinis, LL


Stuff I Like to Do for Earth Day

Happy Earth Day people!! In case you haven't already done something cool to celebrate here are some ideas...

  • Don't eat meat today. I don't want to list all the reasons why {mainly increased pollution, save a cow or a chicken, etc.}... but trust me and try something new.
  • Paint on recyclables. The 'Lady Lucas' line offers some paintings on spaghetti can lids and it's quite easy to do by yourself. You just need some metal items from your recycle bin, spray paint, and acrylics.
  • Make a collage for mom this mother's day with magazines you plan on getting rid of. Heck, you could even decoupage on a vase or something. You're saving stuff AND making a cool gift.
  • Look up your county's recycle guidelines. You'd be surprised that you might have been doing it wrong for a long time.
Love & Lindt Chocolates, LL


Animal Art for a Good Cause

I've mentioned this cause before, but I'll say it again. 'Art for the Animals' is an awesome way to make a cool piece of art for a very worthy cause. Locate your local animal shelter, create some art featuring the animals at the shelter... and ultimately get featured on a very cool blog. I doubt most of you will be drawing bats, mostly cats and dogs, but domesticated animals are just as worthy I suppose. This cat named 'Jiles' by Ashley was adopted from Liberty Humane in Jersey City, and I believe this adaptation of him is hanging somewhere on a gallery wall inside that very same shelter. Artists... donate your art today!! Love & Leeks, LL


Naive Art Movement and Other Surprises...

My creator Ashley was surprised the other night to find a video of some of her artwork featured in a news clip online. Coined 'childlike and simple' and part of the naive art movement; it's always interesting how others view what you do. The naive art movement explained as 'non-scientific' and 'primitive' on various websites online, explains Ashley more than her work. Now you see why it's so important that a sophisticated and proper bat like myself represent what she does. So, watch the clip online because all news for artists is good news and all in all being on tv is pretty dang cool. Additionally, this video highlights an awesome Jersey City business owner named Celeste and her rad cafe. Check out my favorite spots on this blog for a link to her business! Love & Lingonberries, LL


Bats for Burton

Never have I, or my creator, been so impressed by a show at a modern art museum! The Tim Burton exhibit currently at the MOMA is so fabulous, creative and all around 'off the hook', you'd be a ghoulish fool to miss it. If you haven't seen it yet, it'll be up until April 26th and is well worth your money and your time. Bats love Halloween. It's the only time we're really appreciated... obviously Tim Burton must be a fan of Halloween too considering his affinity for things that mostly live in another realm beyond the living. You'll see props from 'Edward Scissorhands', random sketches on newspaper, and even animations on the screen. It's a multi-media extravaganza for those that think out of the box. Obviously the art featured in this post is strictly Tim Burton's so please don't sue me. For more information click here. Love & Licorice, LL


Get Ready for Spring Holidays

Hey Bat Lovers, Here's a list of holidays coming up so you can get good and ready ;) I'm starting to sell seasonal cards in my Zazzle store so check it out! Love & Latkes, LL
  • Earth Day - April 22
  • May Day - May 1
  • Mother's Day - May 9
  • Graduation - Month of June
  • Father's Day - June 20th


My First 'Official' Online Store!

Many more products need to be added... but I'm too excited to wait to announce my new online store- Lady Lucas on Zazzle!! Visit it here! The first greeting cards to be added are from my 'Tiny Happy Things' collection and are photos of some very cool antique objects. Who wouldn't love a cupid or a little elf with a yellow hat... Zazzle is pretty awesome. You can purchase cards, hats, buttons, even posters with your favorite Lady Lucas images and characters. There's a little something for every price range. I promise that more products will be coming... hopefully on a daily basis!! Thanks guys for checking me out today. I have some last minute business calls to do tonight in NYC and look forward to the luxury of flying back to Jersey City instead of taking the PATH. Sometimes it's pretty cool to be a bat. Love & Lollipops, LL


Spring Into Buying from the Little Guys

I'm back to report I had a lovely Easter equipped with hard boiled eggs and all the trimmings. Here in the Northeast blossoms are out and the grass is growing. I saw some robins today that looked quite peculiarly at me, maybe it's because I took one of their worms, but whatever, right? Ran into 'EB' {the Easter Bunny if you've been following me... } downtown and he told me the local businesses really need our support, so that's my little shout out for today. From New York to LA, Paris to Taipei, small businesses all over the world need your $ today! Not that I don't like my McDonald's shakes and my snack foods from K-Mart from time to time, but in a drastically hurting economy, you will be shocked at how fast all the cute little places you love to look through will be wiped out of your neighborhood quicker that you can say 'Bat Shoes' if you don't actually buy stuff there. I don't even own space of my own yet, but I know plenty of SB owners that depend on us, so all I can say for sure is "support the little guys!" Love and Lemongrass, LL


Heading Out for Egg Day

I'm leaving Jersey tomorrow for Egg Day aka Easter and am looking forward to some major dyed hard-boiled eggs {purple is my fav}, some Polish food for breakfast on Sunday, and maybe if I'm lucky a basket waiting for me. Spring has been so ssslllooowww moving this year... can't wait to get out of my rain boots and change back into the heels. These cute feet can't be held back forever after all. Today I'm featuring my favorite 'Lady Lucas' Easter card paying homage to the Easter Bunny. I dated EB briefly years ago and found him a bit sarcastic... so I thought this greeting would be a fitting representation of him ;) Cards available in my etsy store... custom orders always welcome! Have a good weekend and until next week... Love & Liverwurst, LL


Hi People!!

Hi! I'm Lady Lucas and I'm from Jersey City, a quaint little community a stone's throw away from the big island with overpriced bistro food and way too many woman who can't rock stilettos the way I can, aka, Manhattan. Well, let's see... what might you want to know... well, I just starred in my first promo video for 'Lady Lucas':
I look thinner in the video don't I... that was my favorite part. Anyway, thanks for stopping by and come back soon for news about my business, personal life, and little snippets of bat wisdom. Love & Lemonade, LL