Film Biz Recycle Prop Shop

Hey All!  I've been spreading the word this week about this awesome place I visited in Park Slope last weekend. Film Biz Recycle Prop Shop is located in Brooklyn off the Union Stop on the R train and is super easy to get to... You enter through this impressive looking gate, walk all the way through this old, warehouse looking building... and then finally arrive at a huge room of antiques, clothes, furniture and other rare finds.  Super cool place for artists, as all the items are reasonably priced.  I purchased this cute antique yawning dog, and they threw the moss in for free!!  Awesomeness!  Love & Liquor Chocolate Candies, LL


New Blog Header...

Dear All,  Lady Lucas Speaks Her Mind now has a new template, groovy background, and sweet blog header.  Ashley whipped up some sculptures this week that represent her kawaii characters, and thought this would be a good way to showcase them. I'm one happy bat, because the weather is finally going to change, and that means my usual midnight flights to Manhattan and back.  {Bats love summer after all...}.  Enjoy spring!!  Love & Liver Pie, LL


Thinking of Japan

Dear All,  As you know, Lady Lucas designs are clearly influenced by the artwork and characters of Japan. Our kawaii styles are directly inspired by the many adorable characters and artwork derived from talented Japanese artists.  Ashley's pet fish is even named Tokio! {German spelling.. } One can't help but think of this country constantly on a daily basis and hope for the best during this amazingly difficult time.  Here is a good resource article about how to help out.  Lady Lucas would be happy to donate artwork to any event happening in the NY area to benefit this cause.  Just send an email or post a comment ;)  Love & Lychee Ice Cream, LL


Seeking an Artist Co-op to Join...

Hey Lovely People,

I posted this on craigslist the other day hoping to get some leads... I'll post it again here on my blog.

Professional artist seeking a space in NYC or Brooklyn to share with other serious art and craft professionals. Looking to sell my stationary, art prints and gift items in an area with lots of foot traffic. Can spend $300 to $400 per month. Would be happy to share my website and products with you upon correspondence... Thank you for your time!

Just thought I'd try it here too!!

Love and Liver Chops,