Summer Blog Tour - Carla's Cloud Catastrophe

Dear All,  I have the pleasure of currently being part of a group of talented authors signed by indie publishers called, "Indie Debut". {Well actually... it's Ashley's who is part of the group ;)}  This book tour post features a fellow member named Beth Reinke.  

Beth's book, Carla's Cloud Catastrophe, is illustrated by Ginger Nielson  and published by 4RV publishing.  When a weather disaster shuts down the town and threatens to ruin Carla's birthday party, someone must save the day. A tall tale about the day the clouds fell. Ages 4-8. You can purchase Beth's awesome book by clicking this link

Beth and Gingers websites can be found here:

Hope you enjoyed reading about this neat, new book!  
Love & Lettuce Heads, LL


Summer Blog Tour - Boo, Bat & Pumpkin Throw a Party

Hey Everyone!  I'd like to welcome you to the Lady Lucas summer blog tour!  We're starting off this week with a little story you all know well.  'Boo, Bat & Pumpkin Throw a Party' is the story of three charming outcasts who hope to earn the respect of the 'popular' kids at school by throwing a super cool Halloween party.  The story stars my cousin Bat, and offers super illustrations, a few laughs, and even some suspense along the way.  After being self published by author Ashley Lucas in 2010, the book is now proudly offered by Sunbury Press.  Happily... the price of book is now more affordable, and the quality of this paperback even more spiffy thanks some awesome magic by Sunbury!  Check it out on Amazon or on the website of Sunbury Press today!  Love & Liver Cheese, LL


Hester Street Fair this Saturday!!

Dear All,  I'll be flying over to Manhattan this weekend for the Hester Street Fair on Saturday from 10am - 6pm.    The Lady Lucas stand will be offering awesome affordable products to the masses such as: 

  • $4 Greeting Cards
  • $5 Coloring Books
  • $5 Bracelets
  • $10 Copies of 'Boo, Bat & Pumpkin Throw a Party'
  • $10 Limited Edition Prints {NEW!}
  • $10 Hand Colored Prints
  • $15 Original Art Trading Cards
  • and don't forget our signature Junk Food Elves for $5 too!
There's lots of other great vendors, food and atmosphere, so come on out and visit the purple bat with red shoes!  Love & Lipton Tea, LL


Dear Mom

Hey Everyone.  

That special day is upon us tomorrow... Mother's Day!! Here are some cute ideas you can think about to make mom's day extra great~

  • Make her a card!  Of course I've love it if the world only sent Lady Lucas greetings, but the best Mother's Day card is one you make yourself.  Place a flower seed packet inside or poke a decorative pin to the front of the card to make it extra special.
  • Gift her an 'artful' gift.   A decorative frame, bracelet made out of buttons found around the home, or even a 'memory corkboard' to hang in the kitchen are good ideas.
  • Looking for very last minute gift?  Make a donation in her name.  My choice would be ASPCA!  I don't think many moms are interested in the Bat Society of America, etc. ;)
At the very least, just give her a ring or write an email telling her why she's so special to you!  Love & Ladybug Chocolates, LL