The Charm of the South

I ventured down south this week to visit a cousin of mine that lives in North Carolina. She is a rather saucy bat herself and originally comes from the metropolitan area as well... so it was easy for me to fit right in {red shoes and all}. Got to meet some new friends... toads, lizards, and one particularly cute wild owl pictured here. Wish he could migrate up North. *sigh*. Anyway, expect to see some great new artwork this month. New stuff on Zazzle this week! Love & Lentil Soup, LL


A Stellar Sample Sale

Hey everyone... just had to share this with you. My products, some of them over a year old and just begging for a home before season deux of Lady Lucas begins, are majorly on sale this week at Strawberry & Co. I'm calling it my first 'sample sale' because hand colored cards celebrating all different holidays from last year are going for $2, framed awesome illustrations start at just $10, and original jewelry is available for $5. There's even some stuff for a buck. Yes, ONE BUCK! The sale started on June 11th and continues until this Saturday only. Folks in the Lancaster area, come on down and see all my goods. {well not literally people! where is your mind!} Love & Lime Basil Salad Dressing, LL


The Renegade Rules!

I had the pleasure of stopping by the Renegade Craft Fair in Brooklyn this weekend to visit my friends at 'i am dorkas'. Mari and Armando are a lovely couple who make delightfully interesting jewelry, aprons, and other never before seen goodies. Artsy gentlemen, if you're looking for a special piece of jewelry to completely woo your girl... I would recommend stopping to see what's available. I'm only a bat, but I'm just sayin'. I wish you all a creative and fruitful week. Love & Lobster Tails, LL