My First Coloring Book

Although it has been out on etsy for a few months now, the 'I Love New York Food' coloring book created by Ashley and promoted by moi, is the perfect solution to any child's birthday party or quirky hipster get-together. Available on etsy for $4, this coloring book offers pages of fun to color and design. There is a 'bagel shop' page, 'deli' and 'diner' page and even a page to decorate your own bakery cake. All you have to do is download the PDF, and then it's yours to print as many times as you need for birthday party favors, gifts or for any other personal use. Expect sushi rolls with faces, a how-to on pizza drawing, and cupcakes with attitude. Get a copy while it's hot...! Love & Lemon Squares, LL


National Stationary Show in NYC

This week the Javit's Center in NYC hosted the annual 'National Stationary Show' where all the most fabulous card and stationary companies around the United States converge in one space. It was so much fun to see all the new lines {and old lines with new stuff} as I flew around the aisles trying to get a glimpse of it all. Letterpress is a trend that's not going away anytime soon... as well as that darn zebra pattern contrasted with magenta that so many middle aged women seem to enjoy ;) Also saw many, many eco-friendly companies popping up that offer an array of great recycled products. 'Lady Lucas', as in the brand, {not me talking in third person}, will most likely not have a stand there in the future, as I'm not sure if it's the best fit for my little grassroots operation. However, it was still a blast to check out! Photo credit: NSS Website Banner @ http://www.nationalstationeryshow.com/ Love & Linguine, LL


NY Street Fair Excitement!

Today was a beautiful day to fly around in Manhattan! I have been wanting to stop into the West Village area for awhile now, and luckily ran into some of my human friends manning their stand near Christopher Street. Tom of 'T-Cat Designs' and Maruska of 'Stinky & Minky' spend a good part of their life 'street fairing' and bringing the local community beautiful kids clothing, and in Tom's case, artwork in addition to kids stuff. I especially like his paper mache animal art being offered at the great price of $30 ea. {Tom... you should make a bat one!... I'm just sayin'}. Anyway, Tom and Maruska will be appearing at the Hester Street Fair in NY so come on out and visit them. They are fabulous, creative individuals that I always enjoying seeing. Must depart now for some beauty rest before my night prowling and bug catching... Love & Lasagna, LL


Lady Lucas' own 'Tasting Table'

I've been enjoying daily newsletters from Tasting Table online. It's always interesting and fun to read. I thought I'd try to write my own little list of favorite foodie things in Jersey City for those that live here or stop by from time to time.
  • The infamous $3 mini martini at LITM. OH MY GOD they're good, and they're perfectly suited for my size as well. The closest you'll ever get to the perfect combination of cheap and classy.
  • Hot chocolate at Made with Love. It's thick and tasty. I know it's getting hot out... but I still dig it just as much.
  • Ice cream from the family owned place Torico's on Erie Street. A staggering selection of over 25 flavors of soft serve. No fly or spider ice cream yet... but I thoroughly enjoy the mint cookie flavor.
  • Polish fare from Sava's Deli on Grove Street. It's not a date place, and they only take cash, but if you don't feel like cooking on a week night please let these people do it for you and pick up a combination plate of authentic Polish food.
There you have it. JC residents... if you want to add to this feel free. Love & Life Savers, LL


About my mom...

If you ever wondered where I got the red shoe fetish from, it's because of my mother who always wanted to buy a pair, but never got a chance to. She was a real working bat, who was always flying around catching bugs for what seemed like the whole town. She sometimes thought my metropolitan tendencies were silly, and often wanted me to just live in the countryside, like the rest of the family. She visited me once, just before she passed away, and I showed her a SoHo clothing store where she took a particular liking to some red shoes. After she died, I decided to always wear red heels in honor of her. My mother and I were never that much alike, but I have to get serious for a moment and tell you without her I haven't been the same bat. So... with that little tidbit shared... tell your mom you love her this mother's day! It's really important and cool to do something thoughtful for her, {especially if she's living far away from you in a tree or in the countryside somewhere}. Love & Lady Fingers, LL


Embroidery: old, boring stuff OUT, new, cool stuff IN!

You know how when you were a kid, and you went to the arts and crafts store with your mom, and you saw all those boring embroidery patterns of baskets and butterflies sealed in plastic bags with matching thread and stuff... Well, those days are over. Using only a pencil, some off-white fabric, and embroidery floss, any artist can transform the previously monotonous embroidery scene into a totally different realm. Some of Ashley's stitched works will be on display this weekend just in time for Mother's Day. More details here: www.strawberryandco.com. Custom embroideries available for hanging or wearing. {Makes a great, affordable and original gift!} Just contact me via this blog. Love & Lemon Meringue Pie, LL