Veggie Mania

Dear All, I am super happy to announce the publication of Ashley's second coloring book, "I Love Vegetarian Food", published by Sunbury press this month. It is a super cute coloring book filled with over 40 pages of non-meat options. From French onion soup, to laughing tofu, to lemon sorbet, you won't want to put this book away!  Great for all ages and now available on Amazon.  Don't forget to 'Like' it if you can!! I'm not the biggest veggie eater in the world, but the smiling carrots and peas make me want to be!! Love & Lemon Butter, LL


Character Craft : Cute Clementines

These clementines light up holiday decor with cheer!

To make a cute clementine:

step one Choose a fresh clementine with firm skin.
step two  Select about 40 - 50 cloves with sharp points.
step three Pierce the skin of your clementine with the
cloves... experiment with different patterns &
a smily face is always good!

Enjoy with your family and friends...
Love & Lemon Spice, LL


PDF's as Gifts? Yes!

Coloring Pages $3 for 6
Since I started selling PDF's in my etsy store I've had the occasional, "Why would someone buy a file?", and "How would I use that?".  So, today I'm here to answer that for you and tell you about the newest edition to my etsy store.  PDF's are awesome gifts because they are instant, {no shipping & no handling}, and they may be reproduced for personal use as many times as the buyer would like. Therefore, if you're looking for a super cool gift for all the neighborhood kids, or an extra present for that tiny tot in your life, look no further than the new collection of holiday animal coloring pages.  All you need is a printer and maybe some pretty ribbon for wrapping! Love & Little Peppermints, LL  


Holiday Cards You Can't Find Anywhere Else...

Dear Gals & Guys, 'Tis the season! Right now Lady Lucas cards are on sale to celebrate the season, {and because quantity orders make sense when sending a variety of greetings}! Now until the end of the month the following discounts apply when you order your holiday cards through Ashley. Here's the link to all available images. Love and Little Gingerbread Men, LL

Lady Lucas Holiday Card Sale! 
6 Pack = $9
12 Pack = $15
24 Pack = $24