The Wild West of Brooklyn

Yesterday I decided to give flying a rest for a few hours, and got a ride on the IKEA shuttle to Red Hook, Brooklyn in order to check out a neighborhood I had never explored before.  After stuffing a few meatballs down with sugary juice in the cafeteria, I left IKEA to explore, what first appeared to be a crazy industrial sea town with abandoned houses and lots.  Finally, I happened upon a quaint little street with some great stores and cafes... and one in particular that really rocked my world.  No bat merchandise, but other incredibly cute stuff.  It's called Foxy & Winston.  Red Hook proved to a be a town I can't quite describe, other than to say- check it out yourself and don't be surprised if you find a few unexpected treasures like the suburban style plant nursery, and amazing waterfront views. Love & Lingonberry Juice, LL