Introducing... Digital Stamps

Dear All,

Please visit the Lady Lucas etsy store this week to discover the newest product offering... digital stamps.  Digital stamps are files that may be downloaded and printed on scrapbooking materials, stationery, gift items, and even for commercial endeavors. They pretty much work on just about any DIY project ;)

I've personally approved all these cute and groovy designs and have made sure they will fit perfectly into your crafting repertoire.  And the best part... they are super affordable and there's no shipping fees!!

Love & Licorice Drops, LL


Summer Blog Tour - Trouble in the Trees

Dear All!  I once again have the pleasure of introducing you to a book by a fellow Indie Debut member!!  'Trouble in the Trees', by Yolanda Ridge is the newest addition to the Lady Lucas Summer Blog Tour.  Here is a synopsis of the story: 
Bree is happiest when she’s climbing the trees at Cedar Grove, her urban townhouse complex. She’s the best climber around, but when one of her younger friends falls  from a tree and hurts himself, the Neighborhood Council bans all tree climbing in Cedar Grove. If Bree chooses to ignore the bylaw, her family could be kicked out of their home.  But what can one girl do?  She knows  it’s not a battle she can win on her own, but rallying the Cedar Grove troops is more dif´Čücult than she imagined.  You may visit Yolanda's website here and buy her awesome book via: Amazon  Chapters  Barnes & Noble  Love & Lentils, LL