The Book is HERE!!!

Ok, so I'm just a little excited about my cousin Bat's book officially being self published online. Bat worked really hard on this project and I'm very proud of him! The book is kind of focused towards early elementary age, but personally I think it's cool enough for adults too. Who doesn't love Halloween, awesome party food, a little drama and pet spiders! Become a fan of Bat and his crew here. Buy the book here. You can read more about the book opening in Jersey City on BBP's fan page... and of course I'll be there too cheering my little cousin on. Have a wonderful fall everybody! Love & Little Pumpkin Pies, LL


Bat stars in his first book...

My dear cousin 'Bat' will be starring in his first book this fall called 'Boo, Bat & Pumpkin Throw a Party'. The book will be self published under the Lady Lucas label and will be available for purchase beginning in October. Much more information on this to follow as I am deeply involved with the production of this project. Bat, a free spirited magician, will wow audiences with his cute face and silly schemes. His little friends Boo and Pumpkin aren't too bad either ;) You can follow the trio on facebook and watch for new BBP products in my zazzle and etsy store as well. Love and Lemon Tea, LL