Welcoming August

Overall, this summer has been a pretty good one for me. Here's a few reasons why:
1)Iced Coffee {except when the ice melts 10 minutes after its purchase... which is highly annoying}
2)Dragonflies {they have appeared in mass throughout the east coast this summer... they're pretty, add class to NY city gardens, and provide a tasty treat for my larger relatives}
3)Summer Nights {the days have been unbearable so every night is a welcome thrill. night's my active time anyway THANK GOD!}
4)Recession Specials {deals are everywhere. pounce on them people and boost the economy!}
5)Pop Music {after years of listening to nothing but rock music oozing with heavy hidden meanings, my tiny ipod shuffle has been uploaded with nothing but fabulous, vibing, mindless pop... and i'm loving it! Intellectual cynics come give it a try!}
Go out there an enjoy the last month we have! Love and Low Fat Yogurt, LL


'Bat Bangles' - My Hit of the Summer

A couple of years ago, I tried selling some silly and sassy bracelets at some street fairs and the like. Unfortunately they never sold, so I resurrected them this summer two years later at Strawberry & Co. during my sample sale in June. I was pleasantly surprised that they sold out. At $5 a pop, these awesome 'bat bangles' feature beads from all over the NY bead district, as well as foreign baubles from my travels in the states and overseas. You can't beat the value and I've noticed ladies young and old have whipped them on upon purchase gleefully. Of course, they're a little large and unshapely for my wings, but I'll happily advertise them for all you humans to enjoy. A new shipment just arrived this week at Strawberry and Co. and they'll be in stock for the rest of the summer. Guilt free, one of a kind gift for any age... the 'Bat Bangle'. Love & Licorice Sticks, LL


My Etsy is Going Electronic!

Yes, you probably recognize this image from my last post. It's a pop art representation of one of my favorite owls. And now, you can buy the PDF file in my etsy store for a one time fee of $7. Imagine, downloading one image that can be printed indefinitely for friends {and for you} as framed prints, t-shirts, tote bags, and more. By the end of the summer, my etsy store will carry electronic lady lucas merchandise only. PDF files of stationery, coloring books, card template, and prints will all be available for under $10. Check it out now in my store and please give me your feedback!!! A bat can only figure out so much on her own... especially considering my limited eyesight. Love & Leek Soup, LL